by Opelousas

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released May 30, 2019


all rights reserved



Opelousas Melbourne, Australia

An exciting new collaboration between Kerri Simpson, who has successfully traversed musical genres from gospel to country, dance and rock, Alison Ferrier, a prolific songwriter and talented lead guitarist, and drummer/percussionist Anthony Shortte, who is well known to Australian blues lovers and has brought his down and dirty grooves along with his electro washboard to a new level with Opelousas. ... more

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Track Name: Maw Maw
Hey Maw Maw why it be this way
Hey now child i just cant say
Its been a long time comin and a long time gone
Think i missed the ride that i shoulda been on

Hey Maw Maw whys there so much rain
Hey now child it's always been that way
It's been a long time comin' and a long time gone
But i just can't say who I know was wrong

I've been the devil longer than you
Just you remember who you talkin' to
Just you remember who you laughin' at
I got a red right hand longer dan your back

Hey Maw Maw never wine in the bottle
I'm an empty glass and I got no stopper
It's been a long time comin and a long time gone
Someone cursed the ground that I walk on

Hey Maw Maw only thing that lasts
Punches coming really hard and fast
It's been a long time comin and a long time gone
Wait for the morning it'll come along
Track Name: I Never Kissed Her
I never kissed her at all, at all
I travelled to see her, she was straight on down the line

I hung on her every word I loved her smile
But I wanted her brother mile for mile
I loved everything about him
Everything he’d say
Yeah, I wanted to kiss her brother
Ain't life funny that way

I used to lie awake at night feeling like a fool
Feel like a million dollars then feel like a fool
It was all right there in front of me
in black and white and blue
Track Name: Dear John
I don't need to rehearse no blues
Ain't no need, I got you
I got you and a weight on my back
Hitting harder than John Henry's hammer on a rail road track
I don't need to rehearse no blues

I need another high noon
Aint no need, I got you
I’m shot down and now I lay
Moulderin' like John Browns body in its grave
I don't need another high noon

Can't you feel it  baby
Can't you feel
What heart did you steal baby
Can't you feel

Ain't no fun, nothing's right
Nothing but the blues in plain sight
They were wrong when they said love has no pride
Love wails like John Riley’s woman in the morning light
Ain't no fun nothings right
Track Name: James Dean
James Dean  

Set my mind to wandering
Set my mind to dream
Started me back ‘membering
how you’d roll and lean
How you be all crazy like Brando on Desire
It's all kinda hazy (but) I’m sure I felt alive

Stumblin' down the avenue
Staggerin' like James Dean
Ears only for the blues
Only ya eyes sayin' what ya mean
Sometimes I’d go crazy, can’t be no surprise
It's all kinda hazy but the wheels fell off alright

Oh baby let me roll, baby let me sway
When the wind howls I will listen for your name
Oh baby let me roll, baby let me sway
When the tide turns please remember me

I knew these two people just like Harry Dean
Track Name: Meet Me In The Hallway
K Simpson & A Ferrier

Meet me in the hallway
On the second Floor
Halfway down, room 23 or 4
I could use your company
But not to talk at all
There's nothing more to say
I've heard it all before.

Meet me in the hallway
When the lights are low
I'll be in the bar-room
Having one more for the road
Bu that's not time for company
It's my time that I'm owed
Don't ask no questions
You don't wanna know

Don't wait till the morning
Don't wait till the dawn
Don't wait in the hallway
Come morning I'll be gone
Don't look in the doorway
Don't look by the stair
Don't look down the highway
Sweet darlin' I won't be there

Meet me in the hallway 
When the drunks have moved along
I'll be in the stairway 
Where the light flickers off and on
Why not stay a little while
Or stay until the dawn
But don't wait too long
Come morning I'll be gone.
Track Name: Good Love Bad
Good Love Bad  K Simpson 

What's making a good love bad
Don't ask me what's making my good love bad

Don't ask me why my babys cryin


Don't ask me 'cause I know your lyin'
Track Name: Big Old Steam Train
Big Old Steam Train

Sometimes I think maybe I will
Sometimes I think I won't
Heading for a ride, won't be the same
My heart's like a big old steam train

There’s a place that's set in the dining car
And the place that's called desire
And a knife and and fork they shimmer there
And the knife, never tire

I can’t afford a sleeper car
So I ride up in the back
I pick up all the troubles
Throw them into a gunny sack

I can't honestly tell ya
If i laugh or if I cry
I just cling on for dear life
Waiting for the end of the line

There's dust and soot
And sparks flyin' loose
And my mind is riding the caboose
There's crunching gears
Of the gambling cost
And black holes that I lost
Track Name: Opelousas Baby

Opelousas baby
I’ll be back sometime
I got a sack of troubles
In ‘lousas I’ll be fine
In Opelousas I’ll be fine

Opelousas baby
I cant keep from sighin’
all that's left behind me
All them blues ain't mine
All them blues ain't mine

Opelousas baby
It was a place and time
I can’t get back to you
It’s only in my mind
Only in my mind

Opelousas baby
Light a candle low
No-one but you will hear me
Moanin' way down low
Moanin' way down low

Opelousas baby
Dance for me like you used to do
Hold me long and slow
Oh the ground's so cold
Oh the ground's so cold

Opelousas baby
Down the open road
I still smell you beside me
Like you never gone
Like you never gone

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